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Thanks for stopping to purchase your electronics from us. As two way radio suppliers, we offer quite a few options, from two way UHF and VHF radios, rental radios, batteries and more. There is a solution to your communication needs that we offer. Need onsite installation or engineering on your network done? We are ready to go mobile with an email or phone call.
​Have you been trying to save your business money? You would be surprised how much money is spent on company cell phones. With land mobile radio you could have little to no monthly cost. Not to mention the safety benefits. If you are a school or work around heavy machinery, like a rock crusher or an oil rig, imagine being able to communicate instantly back and forth. Saving time, money and being safe. That is a move that is great for you and the company.
Are you looking for a solution to a communication need? Looking to rent two way radios? You have come to the right place. Send us a request for help and let one of our sales reps guide you through the process. If you are looking for rental radios simply fill out the rental request form and a two way rental specialist will write up a quote for you!
With well over 35 years experience in the communications industry you can rest assure that any concerns or needs will be met.
With our proven track record of knowledge about two way radios and our constant pursuit to 100% customer satisfaction you are guaranteed to have service after the sale. We measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

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•2 Way Accessories
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